Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday / Wednesday - Cardio Queen!

 Sooooo..... What up?  How's things?

I have been working hard.  Exercising hard.  Watching movies hard.  Wait, that doesn't go.

Tuesday WOD
5mins on bike as warm up

DB bench press
DB flys
Alternative hammer curl
BB 21's
Tricep extensions
Upright row
Incline shoulder press
Ab work with Janine (she did cardio today)

Nothing special to be honest.  There were a load of dudes in the weights room today and man, is stank BAD.  I had to fight for a bench and it was basically, get in there, get the job done and bugger off!

I decided to do this workout when I got home because the gym just didn't cut it for me today.
 The workout is a 10min AMRAP.  Now, I only watched half of this video before I started.  Massive error, in my favour of course:)  You will see why.

5 x pistol squats (Assisted with chair)
50 x side to side hops over my exercise mat
10 x plank row knee tuck
10 x 180 burpees

Now.... I thought that ONE burpee was to complete one burpee, then hop 180 and do another one.  Turns out I did twice the amount of burpees required to finish this exercise. Ha!

So I completed three rounds in 11mins 19sec - and that includes 20 ADDITIONAL burpees that I accidentally did.  My bad!  No wonder my arms are burning today.

Dinner tonight was a mash up.

 I had to finish some left over chicken and salad, but then also scoffed down a bundle of ravioli that was left over from Michelle's mean.  My bargaining was that I did two workouts today and most of what was on my pate is green leaf anyways.  That's alright, right?

 I especially love how I didn't bother to rotate this picture for you...

PS. this is the nice little park that I walk through to get to work the shorter way.  Notice all the rubbish on the ground, near the bin?  People can be so lazy.  Seriously. Look after your surroundings.  It is not hard :/

Wednesday WOD
Before work:

20mins on cross trainer and 150 floors on the step machine. 

I had no idea that going on the step machine would push up those Kcal so much! I was really pushing hard on this and had to stop to rest a few times during the 100 floor slog.  I started with 50 floors, then when that went by quickly I decided to go for another 100.  Burn!

I really liked it to be honest.  I will definitely be getting on the stair master again.

This is the outfit that I had to put back on for step class today.  It was so wet and gross and RANK.  Good thing it didn't take too long to get warmed up again.  Step was a killer today!  Talk about cardio queen!

397Kcal burnt off at lunch time.

No wonder I have an appetite for dinner right now.

Tomorrow's plan is to actually get up early and go for a run, then complete legs day after work.  I was going to do legs today, but for some reason I decided having three workouts and showers during one day was just a little bit too much...

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