Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Upper Body Circuit Workout

This afternoon I decided to complete the upper body circuit style workout from Champions Club Fitness again. I really like these styles of workout as I feel like I am pushing myself harder, trying to get more reps done.  My arms were burning after the bicep curls (I only used a 10kg BB as well!) and to be honest, I was massively checking myself out in the mirror when I was struggling! ha.  What a total loser ;)

If you want to watch the video for this workout, click HERE or open the video below.

So I think there was something wrong with my HRM when I started as I could feel my heart rate was way higher than what it was telling me.  Also, I can feel that I burnt more Kcal than 294.  I was really pushing myself!  But either way it was still a good burn and I am really feeling it today.

I look like a bit of a hippie with all my bracelets on and lifting gloves !

I am starting to really love my upper body.  My arms are getting more defined and my shoulders are nice and capped.  I really feel like I am starting to lean out and be where I want to be.  Now, I just need to get lean so my arms are defined in photos.... This could take a while...

Yep, there is the close up I was trying to get without looking like a complete moron in front of all the guys about to walk into the weights room.  I have really taken to lifting after work, instead of at lunch time lately.  It is a bit quieter and I have more room to move and get things done.  Lunch time is too much of a rat race!

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