Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesday - Legs Day & Running

Wednesday WOD
5mins cross trainer, warm up

BB step ups with 22.5kg
Plie squats with 14kg DB
Dead lifts starting with 30kg
Leg extensions with 56kg
Leg press starting at 79kg
Seated calf raises at 152kg

After work I knew I wanted to do something additional.  My legs were not really too sore after today so I went for a run.

 Before I went for a run, I cut the sleeves off this old Superman T shirt.  See how much more bad ass I am?  Well, even if you don't see it, I felt it !

I completed 2 loops of my usual park run.  I ran faster than I usually do.  I did my bench jumps on the second loop faster than I usually do.  I kicked ass and still felt strong at the end.

I mentioned on my Tumblr page earlier that I went for a run, completely solo.

No phone.  No music. No Nike +. No HRM.  No watch.  No nothing.  

You know what? I kinda liked it.  I wasn't feeling pressured to keep my heart rate at a certain level.  I wasn't worried that I wouldn't reach my usual check points in a faster or slower time.  To speak freely....

I didn't give a shit about anything except for my running.

And that... ladies and gentlemen, makes me a happy little Vegemite.

Now, off to chow into something tasty for dinner... I am starving!

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