Sunday, 12 August 2012

Weekend Workout Roundup

Here is a bit of a weekend round up!

Saturday WOD
5km run with bench jumps. Hilly with sprints

Over 500Kcal burnt for this workout.  It was amazing and I can't wait to let my legs recover and get out there again. 

Sunday WOD

Today I did the BodyRock Fitness Test that I did earlier in the year.  THIS is the post I wrote about it back then, when I wasn't working out as much and my overall health and fitness was only just satisfactory (to my standards).  Somehow I managed to fumble my way through the test, modifying push ups etc.

This time I did everything with proper form and no modifications.

Squat jump - 33 (32 last time)
Push ups - 25 (22 modified last time)
Burpees - 13 (13 last time, barely jumped at the end)
High knees - 164 (136 last time)
Switch lunges - 27 (22 modified last time)
Tuck jumps - 24 (18 modified last time)
Straight abs - 39 (31 last time)

I was pretty stoked with the results.  I know it doesn't look much on paper, but I really felt the difference and noticed how much stronger I am since the first time I took the test.  It's all about beating your own personal best right?

I also trawled the Internet this morning looking for a secondary workout once the test was done, but there was nothing that tickled my fancy.  And who am I kidding?  I have a sandbag!!!  Derrr

Jenn's Sandbag Interval workout
Set your timer for 12 rounds of 10/50

Clean and jerk - 14
High knees - 157
Bear hug squats - 22
Ab exercises - 22
Side to side shoulder press - 20
Mountain climbers - 66
Single leg dead lift right - 17
In out abs - 24
Single leg dead lift left - 19
Ab twisters - 68
Power clean and jerk - 13
Plank - 50 seconds

Goodness.  This was actually pretty hardcore!  The mountain climbers after those shoulder presses were really difficult. 

So now I am off to cook some awesome food which I will post pictures of later!!  Hope you guys had a good weekend :)

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