Friday, 3 August 2012

Zwow #28 and another sandbag circuit

I don't usually workout on a Friday but my plans fell through (see how impressed I am? ha!) and now I am sat here watching the Olympics on TV, scoffing down a banana protein smoothie.  Looks like an early night for me!

When I got home from work, I got my ass into gear and completed this Zwow #28.  The workout is supposed to be a 10min AMRAP but I decided when I hit the 10min mark to complete 3 rounds instead of doing 2.5.  I just feel that with these, I don't want to give up and stop just because the timer tells me to.  Why not just push to get the rest of the reps done?

Breakdown is a little something like this:

Dragon kicks x 10 (each side)
Jump lunges x 20
Pike jump and jump up x 15 (these KILLED!)
Reptile push up x 10

It took me 11mins 24 seconds to complete 3 rounds.

After the Zwow and since I was already warm, I went through a quick sandbag workout.

20 x clean and jerk
50 x jumping jacks
30 x bear hug squats
2 x 20 side crunches
20 x side to side shoulder press
20 x 4inch crunches
30 x bent over row
50 x ab twists
20 x power clean and jerk
20 x in out teasers
2 x 10 single leg dead lifts
20 x bicycle crunches
20 x rotational high pull
30 second plank

Not too bad for a Friday quickie I would say!  Now I am tuning into the Olympics.  What are you guys up to?

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