Thursday, 23 August 2012

Zwow #30 - Beating your personal best

Yo! Today I missed my lunch time work out because I had to scoot out of the office to get a farewell present for a colleague.  Very sad times, and was certainly not going to lose sleep over missing a lunch time sweat fest.

So, I skateboarded home and completed Zwow #30.  This workout is basically seeing if you can beat your personal best.

When I completed this workout earlier in the year, it took me 19mins and 22 seconds.  I remember struggling through the workout and not really being able to do the exercises with great form.  This time, I made sure my form was as good as I could get it and really push through to beat my time.

My time was 17mins 27seconds.  Again I still can't do pistol squats - so I used a low stool to squat down onto and then raise myself back up.  Man, I wanna nail those so bad!

P.s I look revolting after a workout.  How about you guys?

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