Monday, 3 September 2012

Quinoa Salad - Vegan

During the week Michelle and I have been opening our eyes to better/experimental food choices.  Whilst exploring the benefits and ease of slipping into a vegan diet, I came up with this amazing recipe.

I have had a similar salads from Leon before and I also found this awesome recipe online.  I used both as guides but mainly followed my nose.

Spring onion
Fresh basil and mint
Lemon juice, garlic and paprika for seasoning

I cooked the quinoa as per the directions on the back of the packet.  While this was going on, I threw some bits into a pan and then left the avocado with the lemon juice, garlic and paprika to stew in a separate bowl.

Once the food in the pan was warmed through and soft, I added it to the avocado while the quinoa finished cooking.

A little hint from myself, regarding cooking quinoa.  Don't do it unless you have a sieve.  That is all I have to input in that matter :)

This took me around 30mins to make.  Mainly because I hadn't done anything like it before.  I am confident that now I know what to expect from the quinoa, it will only take as long as it needs to cook.

Do you guys have any awesome vegan recipes you can share with me?

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