Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday & Abs Class

Today I wanted to get up early and go for a run.  Even though my legs are a little bit sore from running last week, getting on the treadmill was the only thing I wanted to do.

Also, I woke up feeling massively annoyed at something / someone - running clears the head right?

This was a pretty uncomfortable run, with sprints at the end.  Thank goodness for my play list or I know I would have given up at some stage before the 35mins was up.

By the way, this is kinda what under my desk looks like now. I used to have heaps of pairs of shoes under there, but I took a bundle home the other day and now I only have the ones I am wearing or testing.  Cute right?

At lunch time I did the 30min ab class held at my work gym.  It was interesting.  Did a few different ab exercises and I found it all really difficult.  To be honest, the best thing about the class was perving on the hot instructor.  I burnt 109Kcal, didn't sweat and my abs are not sore today :/

Left overs for lunch !!  I did have 2 sausages, but I shared one with Janine as she only has a salad that I insisted would not fill her up.  Mates look out for each other.  If a mate needs a sausage, give her one.

When I got home I hooped for 30mins.  I now have bruises all over my legs and feet.  I am determined to get better though.... and my Nike Pro Combat shorts just love my ass.  Still...

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