Monday, 18 February 2013

Quick weekend

What a welcome back to London! This is my first normal week back after being back home for a few weeks.  I am still adjusting to being back in London again and trying to restart the whole year again.
January sucked!!  Was it as bad for everyone else?

Saturday WOD
6km road running – 40mins

Even though it was a bit warmer, the air was still pretty cool –compared to running in the comfort of my work gym, inside.  When I returned home, ALL MY FACE HOLES HURT and it took me about 30mins to recover. It felt like my sinuses were going to explode it was so painful.  But, as per usual, my body got over it and I was fine later in the day.  Oh and the running tights I was wearing are a bit too big, so that meant I was pulling them up every ten steps or so.  I won’t ever run in those again – although I am pretty sure it must have looked hilarious to the people passing me in their cars.

Saturday afternoon I went into Central London with Janine to visit the Apple store and also try and find a nice top to wear this coming weekend.  Success on both accounts and now I have a phone with a working lock button.  YAY because that was super annoying.  For dinner we had vegan tofu sausage wraps with hummus, salad and some sweet chili sauce.  Oh, and some Tim Tams that I bought home from Australia.  Talk about pigging out.

Sunday I wasn’t planning on doing any exercise.  Michelle, Sarah and I went to one of our friends gigs down the road and enjoyed a few beers along with a great catch up.  It wasn’t a late night and I am actually really glad that I went.  I wasn’t too sure if I was keen to go but I don’t like passing up an opportunity to hang with Michelle as well as Sarah.  I feel like I needed the company, especially after the rough few weeks that I have had. Thanks for a great day as per usual bestie!

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