Monday, 15 April 2013

Deadlift Day

This is a quick pic from Saturday afternoon fun at the pub with Michelle.  My king was missing so we used a tenner in his place.  To be honest, I am surprised that one of us actually had a tenner ;) Michelle won both games by the way.  For someone who is quite patient, I really don't have the patience for this game.


Well, really that should kinda be DEADLIFT DAY!  I knew when I woke up this morning that I wanted to do legs today – but not in the circuit style that I did last week.  I didn't really have anything planned or in my head that I wanted to do.  Also, there is only one big bar in the gym and usually the boys are using it L  So, I quickly finished my warm up and then grabbed the bar before anyone else could get to it.  Not really feeling particularly strong, I did a few warm up lifts and then just ended up piling the weights on for the deadlifts.

Monday WOD
5mins elliptical trainer – warm up

Stiff legged deadlift
20kg – 15,15
30kg – 12, 12
40kg – 8, 8, 8
50kg – 5, 5, 4
55kg – 3, 3, 3
40kg – 6

Overhead squats
20kg – 8, 8, 8

Back squats
20kg - 12, 12

Calf press (on the leg press machine)
125kg – 15, 15, 15

Half press (on the leg press machine)
125kg – 10, 10, 10

I noticed during this workout that  a) I need new lifting gloves and b) my wrists are really weak.  Does anyone else suffer from the same thing? I notice when I am doing upper body workouts or even barbell bicep curls, my wrists get sore.  Perhaps it’s my technique or strength, either way I kinda feel like it’s an injury waiting to happen.  Not good!

Also, about food, yesterday I made some Vegan Chilli and ChocolateProtein muffins for snacks.  I will be eating those, with some fruit (apples and clementines) and high protein yoghurt.  Not sure about dinners yet!  Will have to play it by ear.

Happy Monday!

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