Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Don't tell anyone I passed out sleeping before 9pm last night....

So last night I was all keen to get out for a run when I got home.  You know, enjoy the daylight and stretch the legs a bit.  But when I got home, I just kinda wanted to NOT workout, more than I wanted TO work out.  So, I had a Radox muscle recovery bath and hopped into bed.  I was passed out sleeping at roughly 8.45/9pm last night.  Well, I did just turn 30 you know ;)

Also, I am pretty sure I am going to bruise on the top of my knees from deadlifts yesterday.  I let the bar hit my knees a few times without realising it. 

Tuesday WOD
 20mins cardio treadmill (with my running shoes!)
1min walking, 6.5
1min running, 8, 10, 12, 13
Incline 2

Complete two rounds of the below circuit.  15 reps of each (unless otherwise noted).  No rest.

10 burpees
Dumbbell Bench press 10kg
Upright barbell row 15kg
Barbell bicep curl 15kg
Front + side dumbbell raises 4kg
Barbell shoulder press 15kg

10mins cardio treadmill
5mins jogging at a steady pace, 9
5mins tabata 10 rest/20 sprints at 14
Incline 2

Then complete two more rounds of the above circuit.  15 reps of each (unless otherwise noted). No rest.

689Kcal burnt during this workout.

This was a killer.  I changed some exercises and increased the weights on the bench press and bicep curl.  The sweat was actually dripping off my face and onto the floor.  Gross!  Two people also commented that they saw me really working hard – which is such a motivator for me.  I didn't even feel like working out when I woke up this morning, but it just goes to show that every workout – no matter how big or small, is worth it.  It really is that simple.

I am on such a high after my session this morning.  It just went midday and I am still feeling happy about it!  I know tomorrow will be slightly painful, but we all love the burn right?!

It hurts so good!

Today for lunch I have more of the Vegan chilli, some yoghurt and some almonds.  I have already had an apple, clementine and some almonds after the gym – and around 2L of water.  Nom!

Yeah, I workout with pretty nails and pink accessories :)

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