Saturday, 13 April 2013

Err yeah, it's Saturday already!

Let me just start off by saying I really freaking miss these two.  My brother, Spike (real name Chris - but Spike has been his nickname since he was born) and my sister Jilly.  I don't tend to get homesick that often, more like family sick.  I miss these two and can't wait to see them again..... at some stage.... I have no idea when :(  That's the problem.

Anyways,  where did the rest of the week go huh?  I was super busy at work on Thursday and Friday so I didn't really have time to blog.  However, here is a quick recap of the last few days.

Thursday WOD
Treadmill – easy jog, hill running, sprints, more running at a steady pace
Not sure on how far it was as I managed to press the stop button half way through.  Oopsy!  Don't you hate when that happens?  I feel like my mojo goes all out of whack when I have to "start again".

I wish there was no one in my gym in the morning so I could run on the treadmill just wearing shorts/leggings and a sports bra.  I probably would if I were in a gym outside of work, but I have to see everyone during the day and it would be a little weird so say the least.  Maybe its just me, but yeah, no dice! I will however, run in a crop top outside when it gets a bit warmer.  I am so excited for this to happen as it has been one of my goals for a while now.

"To be happy, comfortable and confident enough to run outside in a sports bra on a hot day"

It WILL happen this summer :)

Friday WOD
5mins rower – warm up

10 x burpees
20 x bench press with 9kg
20 x single arm row at 10kg
20 x shoulder press at 7kg
20 x bicep curls at 7kg
20 x tricep kickback at 5kg
50 sit ups

Today I just wasn’t feeling it.  I had a bit of a head ache when I woke up and my shins are a bit sore from running during the week without my proper running shoes. Naughty, I know – I promise I will take them in with me next time I do sprints etc on the treadmill.  I really don't want my shin splints to come back...

Saturday WOD
Scrubbing the kitchen
Scrubbing the bathroom
Putting on a load of washing and the dishwasher
Dusting the flat
Oh wait, and running roughly 5km in roughly 30mins.  This was my hilly run around my local park.  I felt fairly strong in the legs but for some reason my fitness was a bit off.  Weird - Totally looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.  Might have a good stretch today to sort me out. 

A side note, I am going to make an awesome housewife one day.  I just love doing housework and cooking and all that stuff.  Am I weird?

Not sure what else is on the plan for the day. I need to take some old clothes to the charity store, buy some stamps for post cards, put a hair lightener in for my roots (ewwwww), list some things on eBay and then who knows what else.  Will wait for Michelle to wake up and see if she is keen to do something.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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