Thursday, 4 April 2013

Post Easter Lower Body Circuit Style Workout

This morning in the gym I had a workout buddy, Gemma.  It was so nice to work out with someone who was keen to push hard and also had different ideas and suggestions to help with the workout.  We are booked in for another gym date next Tuesday so I am stoked.  She didn't mind working out with me, yay!  Massive blush and wag-wag of the tail because I see Gemma as someone who has a level of fitness I would love to be at.  She mentioned to me that she would like to get a bit stronger so hopefully with the two of us pushing hard, we can make some serious fitness improvements.

20min HIIT Intervals on treadmill
1min walk, 1min run
(I used incline 2, level 6.5 for the walking pace and then 11 upwards for the running.  The last two intervals were at incline 3 and speed 14)

Then complete 2 rounds of the below circuit.  No rest.  20 reps of each exercise.

Squats (with 15kg barbell)
Lunges (with 6kg dumbbell)
Oblique sit ups (25 each side)
Barbell step ups (with 7kg)
Calf press on leg press machine (125kgs)
No breaks in between sets! Keep the intensity going and push through the reps.

10min cardio intervals on the treadmill.  Gemma suggested to do 5mins jogging at 10 pace and then some tabata at 14.  I felt a bit dizzy and missed a sprint or two towards the end. Fail!

Repeat above circuit one more time (we were supposed to complete it twice but time was running out).  We burnt roughly 700Kcal during this workout and we didn't even do the last circuit.  INTENSE and FUN are the words that come to mind.  I am really looking forward to repeating these two workouts next week, and trying to push a bit harder with speeds and weights.  I love the sweat and the burn that these high intensity workouts give.

HERE is the link to the workout on and the video is below for you to check out.  Enjoy, have fun and push yourself.

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