Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Post Easter Upper Body Circuit Style Workout

This morning I tried a new workout to give myself a bit of a “kick up the bum” after the Easter long weekend.  I am getting a bit bored of going through the same workouts I have been for so long and was searching around on last night for some new ideas and inspiration.  I stumbled across the Bizzy diet 21day fitness plan.  I watched the video and it looked like something that was right up my alley.  I really need to trim some fat, and this circuit style high intensity workout is just the thing I am looking for. 

This morning I completed the upper body workout:

20min HIIT Intervals on treadmill
1min walk, 1min run
(I used incline 2, level 6 for the walking pace and then 11 upwards for the running.  The last 5mins I was running at 13.)

Then complete 2 rounds of the below circuit.  No rest.  20 reps of each exercise.

Barbell or dumbbell bench press (medium grip) 12kg (2 x 6kg)
One arm dumbbell row - 10kg
Military press - 12kg (2 x 6kg)
Bicep curl – 12kg (2 x 6kg)
Tricep dumbbell kickback - 5kg
No breaks in between sets! Keep the intensity going and push through the reps.

10min cardio intervals on cross trainer (you can use treadmill or bike etc)
5min steady state, 5min high intensity

Repeat above circuit two more times.

This workout I burnt roughly 550Kcal and it took me around 55mins to complete.  I was sweating!!  Also, believe me when I tell you to lower your weights.  It is very important that you complete the reps, struggling only from around 16 onwards.  Just to put things into perspective:

I have been bench pressing 30kgs for 3 sets of 10 reps.  I can complete those reps with only a small amount of struggling.  Perhaps I could have used 7kg for this workout (and will next time) however it was still a push to get the final rep done.

Here is the link to the trainer on and below I have put the video for you to check out.  Enjoy!  I am really excited* to see what is in store for the lower body circuit tomorrow.

*read – scared.  This workout was a killer and I am scared to see what my legs are in for!...

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