Thursday, 18 April 2013

Whaddup Thursday?!

Well thank goodness its Thursday.  I seriously can’t wait for the weekend to be here, especially since I made a mistake at work and now feel like a fool.  I know everyone makes mistakes, but it’s been a while since I did and now I am just all meh about it.  Hopefully I will snap out of it soon and just get on with it.  I have some things to look forward to over the weekend so it’s not all bad of course.

Tuesday Afternoon WOD
Ran a few miles in about 25mins.  It was really just to stretch the legs a bit and try to work out some of the soreness.

Also, an epic excuse to stretch like this for about 15mins.  If you haven’t tried it, get your bum to the wall and your legs in the air!  Trust me when I tell you it is one of the best yoga stretches/runners stretches ever.  MackSpack, I am looking at you when I say that.

Wednesday WOD
None – I washed my work out clothes because that stuff staaaank and it was an excuse for me to have a well-deserved rest day.  My hamstrings are STILL a bit sore from deadlift Monday so I thought, there’s no point making myself unable to walk or run on the weekend. So, instead I walked to Mexican and had a feast with Michelle.

We each had one beer and a main.  It was so tasty and really scratched my itch for both Mexican and hot sauce.

There’s nothing quite like a back-lit beer right? It just looks so tasty.  I had to fight myself not to put that picture on Instagram.  I am not really a fan of food or drink pics on Instagram.  I mean, if you have seen one bottle of Corona, you have seen them all right? Same goes for a salad, burrito, pizza and a protein shake….  Just sayin.

Michelle had a vege fajita and I had a chicken quesadilla.  We both ate everything on our plates and even had room for a small dessert.  Well, I say dessert – Michelle had cheese cake and I had a pina coladas.  I LOVE PINA COLADAS!

Oh, and then this happened.  My Mexican baby.  I must have reacted to the rich food because man, I was so bloated I looked preggo! WTF?! These pics were last night and this morning.  Seriously.  
Thursday WOD
15mins elliptical/cross trainer (what the hell do I call it?!)
5mins each on level 10, 12 and then 14

10 x burpees
15 x Standing Arnold press – 8kg, 7kg
15 x alternate hammer curl – 8kg, 8kg
15 x tricep overhead – 10kg, 10kg
15 x dumbbell flys – 7kg, 7kg
10 x dips
10 x push ups

Repeated the above exercises twice.

15 x weighted crunches with 5kg plate
30 x Russian twists with 5kg plate
50 x oblique crunches
20 x leg raises
60second plank

Repeated the above exercises twice – I felt like I needed to after the Mexican feast!

Roughly 418Kcal burnt during this workout.

So my plan for this evening is to wash my hair (that’s TWICE this week, as promised), paint my nails, shave my legs and do some other girly admin type things.  All while watching Game of Thrones.  Enjoy your Thursdays!

P.s I love being sample size at work.  How cute are these summer wedges?!  Don't mess with me when I stand over 6ft tall in these :)

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