Thursday, 2 May 2013

16deg today = HAWAIIAN SHIRT TIME!!

Outfit of the day
 Men’s Primark Hawaiian shirt £7
Primark leggings £8
Topshop studded loafers (last season)

Dressing like a boy is easy and so much fun for me these days.
So today I thought I would try something new.  Michelle got back last night at around midnight (I didn't even hear her come in as I was dead to the world) and a work colleague of hers stayed on our newly discovered sofa bed.  I didn't want to disturb her this morning with breakfast etc.  so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try some fasted cardio.

One type of cardio training that gets discussed at a very high frequency rate is that of fasted cardio training. The thinking behind this set-up is that you'll get up first thing in the morning and before downing your usual breakfast meal, you'll head straight for the gym and get in a good 30-60 minutes of cardio first.  By doing so, the hopes are that you'll turn directly to your body fat stores for energy rather than utilizing the current glucose in the system as you would be doing had you have had something to eat prior to doing the session. –

I have never really done this before.  As most of you know – I generally wake up, have my breakfast and then get started on the day, regardless of what my plans are.  I always eat before my morning workout, especially if I want to lift heavier and also if I want to just go for a run.  Today I worked out on an empty stomach (also bear in mind I am a bit sick still and walk 20mins to get to work every day).

Thursday WOD
Fasted cardio – treadmill.
Jogging, some hill walking and some sprints at the end.
Roughly 35mins in total.

My legs were a bit stiff from squats yesterday so I didn't start off too well.  I felt like my legs loosened up after the first mile but I really noticed the lack of energy.  I felt like I had nothing in the tank at all while I was doing some incline walking and even the sprints at the end were nearly the death of me.  I don’t drink coffee at all, so I really had no energy :(

Do you guys do fasted cardio at all?  Do you have something small or a coffee to give you just a little bit of energy prior to starting?  I was thinking about having a “strategic banana” for the next time I give this a go.

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