Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday!

This weekend has been so relaxing.  Sunday I woke up, did some cleaning, got a pedicure, had a lovely lunch at home, had a nap and just overall lazed around, doing things at a leisurely pace.  It was amazing!

I also couldn't resist stopping into the sweet shop on the high road for some cheap M&Ms on the way home.  Peanut Butter are my favorite and since the store is closing down, buy one get one half price worked well for me!

Lunch was another one of those Higgidy Pies that I was talking about on Saturday.  So tasty, and yes, that is more hot sauce :)

The weather has been warm, but by no means hot.  I still wore a beanie yesterday and felt only just warm enough with my shorts, t shirt and hoodie.  Come on Summer, you know you want to arrive already.

Beanie & crop top from And Clothing
iPhone case from Drop Dead

Monday WOD
Fasted jog around the park and back again.  This route is around 5.5km with a few really nice hills in there. According to the time on the clock when I got back, the run took me about 30mins.  Which is strange because that's how long it usually takes me when I have had breakfast.  I did feel like I was lacking a little energy, but overall, it wasn't too hard.

When am I going to have the guts to run outside wearing just my sports bra?  I mean, come onnnnnn.  Maybe when it gets a little bit warmer..... or My tummy tones up a bit more... I need to stop making excuses and just do it right?  I know no one will be looking at my tummy.  Especially when I am running past them.  I guess, its just.... I don't know.  I WILL DO IT THOUGH!  It has been a goal of mine for years now and I know that once I start, it will be ok.

Anyways, I am off to make a banana protein smoothie (with peanut butter of course! I didn't have breakfast you know!) and catch up with Janine to go and sit in the sun.  I am super excited!

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