Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend Round Up

Where did last week go?  Man, what a whirl.  I had so many things on during the evenings (farewells, parties etc.) that I just didn't get a chance to blog about anything.  I worked out most mornings as per usual, but the workouts were boring and really nothing to write home about.  So I figured, if I didn't care, maybe you don’t care either J  I hope!

Anyway, we just had a long weekend here due to a bank holiday. The weather on Sunday and Monday was fantastic so I made sure I got out and enjoyed it as much as possible  Here is a quick run down so you can see what I have been up to.

Saturday WOD
Fasted long run up the road – fairly flat, roughly 7km – 40mins
I had absolutely nothing to eat beforehand and had water before leaving the house.  My energy levels felt okayyyy – but was pretty stoked to come home and be done with it.  I thought I would experiment a little more with the fasted cardio, especially since I have been in such a routine with regards to my morning workouts.  It feels good to shock the body a bit, as we all know our bodies are smart and they cotton on to what we are doing.

Highlights of my day included ­– Having lunch with Michelle at our local and watching a whole season of HBO’s Entourage (don’t judge me).  Most of the day was taken up with errands and chores, as per my usual Saturday routine and it was nice to break it up a bit with a sneaky lunch and beer.  Saturday night I ended up watching a bit of Forest Gump accidentally, while mucking around on my laptop with new work stuff.  My laptop is about to die a slow and painful death. It is so old now, that I can’t really use it as a laptop (has to be plugged into the mains) and also, I dropped it a few weeks ago and now it hates me.  I have to save up to get a new one – how depressing!

Sunday WOD
Fasted run around the park with hills and bench jumps
This time I made myself a mocha before heading out.  I felt like I had so much more energy and the bench jumps were awesome. I had been a little bit hesitant about doing any bench jumps lately, as the last time I attempted them, I hurt my back.  Not in the mood to have to deal with that again – I have been laying off them.  But it felt like a good time to try them again and I had no troubles at all.  I burnt over 550Kcal during this workout.

Highlights of my day included – Chipotle then beers in Hyde Park with Michelle and Janine.  In the evening, Michelle and I went on to Shoreditch to help Lewis celebrate his birthday at The Book Club.  It was a good night even though the music was really average (UK garage just sounds the same, song after song after song). We just pretended we were back up dancers (both wearing sneakers, hats and short denim shorts) and had a blast.  It was so hot in the venue, I honestly thing we must have burnt off around 1,000Kcal!  We also managed to catch the last tube home, so it was GREAT to be home and in bed by 1am.

Monday WOD
2 hours’ worth of Frisbee in the car park.

Highlights of my day included – having Thai for lunch with Michelle (Penang chicken curry) and then of course, playing Frisbee and listening to tunes in the sun.  Such a great day!  Even the fact that I had to wash my hair and cook lunches when we got back in didn't put a dampener on my day.  I love being out in the sun – it puts everyone in such a good mood.  It is almost like a drug, the more you have of it, the more you want it.  Especially being here in London.  You don’t see it often so when it is out, you have to take advantage.

This is me massively taking advantage of the sun :)  Life is good when you have great company, tunes, sun and a beer in your hand.

Tuesday WOD
1hour worth of boxing pad work with Will at work.
Roughly 900Kcal burnt during this workout.

I have been chatting to someone about boxing for the last week or so and it really did just bring the itch to punch something, right back.  I practised Muay Thai for quite a number of years back home and since being over here, I haven't put on my boxing gloves once.  It was so great to do some pad work and get my co-ordination back again. I was a bit rusty on my feet with regards to weight distribution, but boxing footwork is different to Muay Thai, so I think I still did ok.  I am just a little rusty, but I look forward to having another go in a week or so.  I feel absolutely amazing today as a result of that workout.  I am so stoked I had the opportunity to do it.

Tomorrow I might do a bit of a circuit workout for lower body.  Only 2 weeks left until festival season starts so I really need to keep this momentum going.  I was really looking forward to getting out and running a bit more outside, but check out the weather today.  AWESOME.  I believe summer is over now.

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