Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lounge Room Sandbag Circuit

Morning everyone!  I was good last night and went to the pub with work folks for a few farewell drinks.  As promised - to myself and everyone else - I had a few drinks and then I walked home.

Apparently I can behave myself!  Also, once I got home I passed out at around 9pm.  I then slept all the way through until just before 7am.  I am still super tired so I am glad I didn't over do it before the weekend had even started.

Saturday WOD
Interval workout, 10seconds rest/50 seconds on

For this workout I used my sandbag, but if you do not have one of these, you could use dumbbells, a backpack with heavy books inside, one really heavy book etc.  Get creative!  I used to workout like this all the time without any equipment.  It is amazing what you can do if you are really keen ;)

Clean & press - 13
Split jump + burpee - 7
Weighted crunches - 16
Mountain climbers - 70
"James Bond" style lunges + twist - 12
Weighted squats - 17
Elevated sumo push ups - 10
High knees - 130
One arm row right - 20
One arm row left - 23
Weighted crunches - 16

Man, I was knackered after this.  I always try and plan my circuits so I use one upper body, then lower body etc.  but I kinda failed with this one! Those split jump + burpees were a killer and I actually had to rest for a few seconds as my legs got so fatigued.  I kinda liked it though..

My original plan was to go for a nice long run, but the weather was being completely bipolar and I didn't feel like making my sniffle any worse by getting rained on.  Soz - I am too busy trying to get better!

Also, today I got my hair trimmed.  I have been trying to keep it as healthy as possible and regular trims are basically the only way I can see it ever getting longer.  This trim (and subsequent wash/blow dry) have nothing to do with the fact that I needed to wash my hair anyways.  I swear.

Have a good weekend guy!  Do you have any ideas/recommendations for those people working out at home with no equipment?

p.s Dinner tonight was this amazing Higgidy pie. Sweet potato and feta with pumpkin seeds.  Sooo tasty and you bet I put Cholula hot sauce allll over that puppy!

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