Monday, 13 May 2013

Sooo... Today went by pretty quickly.

Well that Monday actually went by pretty quickly, right? Or was it just me?  Maybe, just maybe, it might have been because I resigned today.


Phew - I had been waiting all weekend to get that over and done with.  Unfortunately my boss is away in Paris right now, so I had to do the deed over the telephone.  Ewwww.  It massively sucked and of course, my boss was not expecting it.  But, it is done now and I can start the countdown to my next adventure.  Stay tuned for more info ;)  It's a good one!

I really didn't have much of an idea of what I wanted to do today when I hit the gym.  Well, I knew I didn't feel like getting majorly sweaty because I washed my hair on the weekend and I just wanted to go at least one day at work without sweaty hair. So I decided to do an upper body workout with no cardio.

I promise tomorrow I will push myself super hard tomorrow - I just pushed myself in a different way today.  I have a feeling feeding myself tomorrow might be an issue.

Monday WOD

Bench Press
20kg - 3 x 12 reps
25kg - 3 x 5 reps
27.5 - 4 reps

DB flys at 7kg - 3 x 10 reps

Tricep overhead with 10kg DB - 3 x 10 reps

Tricep pushdown with rope at 13.75 - 3 x 10 reps

Concentration bicep curl with 10kg db - 3 x 6 reps

Pull up practice

Roughly 350Kcal burnt in this workout.

Lunch today was a pearl barley salad.  I was pretty devastated that my local Waitrose was out of Farro and I had to use the barley instead.  It doesn't taste the same, but I have to say it is not a bad substitute.

I also added some beetroot to the mix this time around.

Also, I mentioned a few posts ago that my little brother had made it back to Australia to visit my mum and family back there.  He sent me this little gem over text earlier today.  Nawww... I AM SO GINGER! HOLY WOWSERS.

Hope you guys have a good evening! I am going to have a light dinner and head to bed to research workout videos on YouTube then Skype my sister in South Africa.  This is what happens when you get old folks ;)

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