Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Vegan Farro Salad & lower body circuit style workout

Ok, so the first person that says something to me about it being "hump day" is getting a punch in the face.  What a lovely start to the day right?! I am in a happy mood, I just hate the term "hump day".  Whyyyyy even say it?!

And yes, I do still have a sniffle but I am feeling a bit better than yesterday. Slowly but surely, I am on the mend.

Wednesday WOD
20min cardio treadmill
Incline 2
Walking at 6.5
Jogging at 9, 11, 13 and 14

10 burpees
 20 x BB back squats – 15kg
20 x DB alternating lunges – 7kg
50 x Weighted crunches
20 x DB step ups – 7kg
20 x calf press on the leg press machine – 125kg

Repeat one more time as quickly as possible.

7mins HIIT on treadmill – sprinting / resting

Repeat above circuit once more. (I was supposed to repeat it twice, but I was feeling knackered from my head cold so I didn’t push through another round)

720Kcal burnt during this morning workout.  Before 8.30am.  How cool is that?

This is my knackered face.  I was super sweaty for some reason this morning - it was dripping off my face.  I hope that means I am sweating it out!

Bluebird Vintage’s Favourite Salad

So last night Janine came over for dinner.  Originally we were supposed to go to a Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch (Death by Burrito), but we both decided we were not feeling 100% and definitely not up to trekking down there and back again once we were done.  We decided to stay in and make a recipe Janine emailed me from a blog she found a few weeks ago – Bluebird Vintage.

Neither of us knew what farro was so we decided to give it a go and see if we liked it.

1 bag of easy cook farro
Red onion
Feta cheese
Balsamic glaze
Baby broccoli

Boil the farro in a large saucepan as per instructions on the back of the packet.
Chop up the veggies while it is cooking.

So easy! The preparation and cooking time was less than 15mins.

This is one of the tastiest salads I have ever eaten.  I will definitely be eating it again.  Also, we cooked the whole bag of farro and it made 5 meals.  Did someone say "potential lunches for the week"? 

How awesome is my food photography?!  Super professional right.  My theory is, all you need to know is that it was super tasty, healthy, vegan and easy to cook.  I am all about easy.  Who has time to faff around these days?

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  1. This salad is amazing and so easy to make.. literally can add so many things and different alternatives