Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Welcome back!

Good morning everyone!  I am in the BEST mood today, mostly because of the wonderful weather we had over the weekend.  Janine and I went to sit in the park and enjoy the sun yesterday and it was ahhhmazing.  We both caught the sun more on our right side though, but meh, I no care! Any sun is good sun and I feel absolutely refreshed and happy. 

When I got home yesterday, I decided to make the Vegan Farro Salad again for lunches.  It is so quick and easy to make - it only took about 15mins.  Also, it made 5 portions and I managed to scrape a small bowl out of it as well for an early light dinner.

Having a salad for dinner reminds me of being back in Aus.  Especially with the perfect warm sunny weather.  I also enjoyed a "detox" juice along side the salad, while catching up on a few episodes of The Office.

When I hopped into bed, I thought it would be a great idea to paint my nails a bit more of a summery colour.  Man, I am such a girl sometimes.  I realised also, when I was at the gym today, I had black shorts on, a pink top, pink notebook, pink finger nails, pink toe nails, pink HRM and pink lippie on.  Wowsers.  It's like Barbie came and took a massive pink **** all over me.  I love it though and it really is not often it works out that way. Ha!

Today's workout was shoulders day.  I really love working my shoulders and today I decided to go a little heavier on the weights to try and build some more definition for summer.

Tuesday WOD
8mins cross trainer warm up

BB Shoulder Press
15kg - 3 x 12reps
17.5kg - 3 x 8reps
20kg - 3 x 5reps

Upright BB row
20kg - 2 x 8 + 1 x 10

Side lateral raise
6kg - 3 x 10reps

Front raise with plate
10kg - 3 x 10reps

Single arm row
14kg - 2 x 10reps + 1 x 12reps

Bent over rear delt fly
7kg - 2 x 8reps + 1 x 10reps

Alternating bicep curl
10kg - 3 x 8reps

394Kcal burnt during this working today.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be working out with Gemma at 7.15am.  I hope that goes ok as I am also going to see Bring Me The Horizon tonight in Camden.  Very stoked to see them as I have been absolutely flogging their new album since it came out.  YAYYYYYY!!!

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