Friday, 17 May 2013

Where has the week gone?

Woohoo Friday already!  I feel great because I have been to the gym every morning this week J Even though the last few nights I haven’t gotten as much sleep as usual, I still managed to drag myself out of bed and just get it done.  With my first summer festival just weeks away, it is definitely time to ramp up the exercise.  I want to feel comfortable walking around wearing short shorts and a tank top, if the weather permits.  I feel fine doing that anyways, but anything extra I can do to boost my confidence, would be an added bonus.

In saying that, I was so knackered last night that I came home, hopped in the bath with a beer, listened to music, relaxed, put a pizza in the oven – and then proceeded to eat the whole thing.  Thankfully it was only one of the Dr. Oetker pizzas and the whole thing was about 700calories.  Lol.  Once I started it was so hard to stop, and to be honest, I no care!  At the time.

I did however have loads of additional motivation to work off that pizza this morning.  It is a pretty fair trade off to be honest, in my head.

Friday WOD
40kg – 3 x 8 reps
45kg – 3 x 6 reps

Front squats bar only – 7 reps

Back squats bar only – 3 x 10 reps

Calf raises on leg press machine
125kg – 4 x 15 reps

Half press on leg press machine
125kg – 4 x 15 reps

Single leg press on leg press machine
45kg – 2 x 10 reps

Weighted crunches 5kg – 3 x 12 reps
Russian twists 5kg – 3 x 20 reps
Oblique crunches – 3 x 15 per side

Pull up practice – 4 x 3 lots of getting myself up, and letting myself down with no assistance.

This workout burned 358Kcal.

This weekend I hope to go for a nice long run tomorrow, do some strength training in the lounge room and then head off to a fancy dress party.  There will be loads of pics so I will make sure I save the good ones for the blog.

Happy Friday everyone!

P.s Does anyone else have this problem? Tight around the booty and loose around the waist? Summer shorts are the bain of my existence.

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