Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Zwow #3, a run and puppies!

Monday WOD
Zwow #3 - click HERE for the Zuzka Light website

My time for this workout was 10min and 54 seconds.
Once I had completed this workout I decided to do a little more with the sandbag.  I felt super guilty for having indulged in a milkshake from Cafe Nero earlier (gross, I know) and wanted to somewhat make up for it.

20 x crunches with sandbag
10 x single arm row each side
10 x clean and press, going as low as I could

Repeat 3 times.  During this 24min workout I burnt roughly 216Kcal.  I know that doesn't make up for the milkshake, but hopefully my body doesn't hate me tomorrow.

Tuesday WOD
6km hilly run with burpees and bench jumps.

I burnt roughly 571Kcal during this workout.  I got stuck at my work table and couldn't get out as early as I had hoped, so this mean I went out at lunch time, in the heat.  It's really funny actually. When I run on one side of the road, in the sun, its boiling.  But when I switch to the other, in the shade, it is absolutely freezing!  I wouldn't bother saying something about it because it seems like such an obvious thing, but the difference is amazing!  Was nice to have a cooler route back than normal.  Didn't stop my face from looking like a tomato though. How embarrassing.

Also, an old lady at the park told me off for jumping on the benches.  I understand her concern, and that they are for sitting on, but really?  I am not the only one that uses the park for exercise and the equipment there for things other than what they were designed and installed for. Weird.  Might give the bench jumps a rest for a while and stick to burpees.  Or at least save them for the end where there is no one around.  AWKWARD.

This was my throw together lunch or sorts.  Rice cakes with cream cheese and sun dried tomato tuna.  It was actually quite tasty and filling. Not what I expected at all.  I need to get paid and go and do some food shopping ASAP.

Tuesday night I went to catch up with Robbie, Ryan and the puppies! They are so cute :)  I am really going to miss them when they move.  Massive, Massive sad face.

Look how cute Oscar and Roxy are?! Such little cuties.  Talk about being in puppy heaven.

Roxy is just like a snugly teddy bear.  Look at that face! Nawwwwwww.

Ryan played chef for the night and we had turkey enchiladas with some Mexican quinoa.  That definitely satisfied me and I love Mexican food and everything that goes with it.  Having the light lunch was a good idea.  It meant I could allllll the good things for dinner. So worth it! 

I need to get back into the habit of making enchiladas again for lunches. They are such a good idea and so easy to make in bulk. Hmmmm... putting that on my list of things to do :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Back to basics - Zwow #1

This morning I found it super hard to get out of bed again. My body feels stiff all over from the weekend just passed, and I think that regardless of all the dancing, walking, drinking, partying I did - sleeping on the ground for three nights does not do wonders for anyone.

I was originally going to get out of bed and go for a run or do a workout in the lounge room, but to be honest none of those options sounded better than having an extra bit of bed time.

Lunch today was more of that amazing Farro Salad that I have made in the past.  It is so simple and easy to make up - it really does only take about 10mins.

The weather was so lovely and warm today.  I am truly blessed to be able to work from my lounge room right now and have all the windows in the house open.  Working in a big office can definitely have its pro's but not being able to open a window to let fresh air in, really does suck.

Wednesday WOD
Zwow #1 - click HERE for link to the Zuzka Light Website

10 dive bombers
5 burpees
20 squats to leg lift on each leg
5 burpees
10 side plank lift per side
5 burpees
10 pistol squats on each leg
5 burpees

Repeat the above circuit 3 times.  This is a time challenge so you need to write down how long it took you.  

My time today was 19mins 55 seconds and I burnt 251Kcal.
*I can't complete full pistol squats so mine were assisted by holding onto my dining chairs and going as low as I could.

Talk about sweaty Betty afterwards.  It was pouring off me and it took my heart rate a bit longer than usual to get back down to where it belongs.  I highly recommend this workout and future Zwow's I post.  You don't need any equipment - just your body weight and around 20mins each day.

There are no excuses - this IS the best time to start getting back into it or even start workout, if you needed a nudge.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Download Festival & my new family

Welcome back, I hear you say!

Wow.  What a week it has been?! My last day working at Lacoste was on Tuesday 11th June and since then, things have been super busy.  We went out for farewell drinks after work (of course) and that was lovely.  Saying good bye to my work colleagues was actually pretty hard.  I worked at Lacoste for 2 years and during that time, I have made some very good friends, who I now count as my London family.  It was a great farewell and I felt so special and loved!

Thursday, Michelle and I packed up and went to Download Festival 2013.  When we left London it was raining and I was really nervous about having to pitch the tent in the rain.  Usually I am a bit of a princess when it comes to looking after my things and to be honest, the thought of wading through knee deep mud was kinda stressing me out!

Funnily enough, when we arrived, the sun came out!  Perfect timing to get the tent done and out of the way.  It was super easy to put up, but that didn't stop us roping in the boys to help out as well.

Look how cute the tent was! We decided to invest in a 4 person tent, purely because it was still fairly cheap and it meant we could have a little more space.  I am stoked because the two person tents we saw were tiny.  Michelle and I don't take up much room at all, but it was nice to have breathing space.

When we had done all that we needed to do, we went to explore "The Village", which is where all the general public were camped - along with more food stalls, rides and loads of other random things.  Check out how muddy that place is. Cringe...  But still, we grabbed something to eat, a beer and continued exploring.

Friday was a great day at the Atticus Clothing tent - topped off by an epic performance by Slipknot.  Michelle and I danced and sang our hearts out with the 90,000 other people that were there.  Pretty sure this is the moment that I pulled a neck muscle.  I mean seriously, if you listen to Slipknot, you know what it's like to air swing and hit that keg during the song Duality.  Right?!

This was the epic crowd for A Day To Remember.  We decided to let some of the others go and check them out from the front, especially since we had only seen them the week before.  We still danced around, drank and managed to sell clothes at the same time.  No matter where you were standing, it was epic.

It was so nice to have a "home" to come back to after we had been out exploring or seeing bands.  I have been to so many festivals back in Sydney, I know what its like to have to just pull up a spot on the ground and chill there when you need to kill time between bands.  Well, we worked!  Not that you could call it working really.... It was way too much fun to be classed as real work.

You better believe we caught Limp Bizkit.  I felt like it was 1999 again.  I sang every song along with Fred Durst and even at one point put Michelle on my shoulders.  Ending with Break Stuff was amazing. The whole crowd went mental!  I do think one of my favorite parts of the weekend was when someone in the crowd in front of us yelled out "what are you wearing?" during a quiet part. Hilarious.  Yeah Fred, what are you wearing?

Sunday was the end of the festival.  It was such a great day and we partied and had fun till the sun came up.  We just couldn't resist.  Look how beautiful that is.

This was the aftermath from the second stage on Monday morning.  Our tent was set just off from that stage, so that meant we had to walk back through there to get our things and head towards home.  At 5am in the morning....

Well when I say home, I mean the Hilton to get a few hours sleep and enjoy a decent breakfast before catching the train back to London.  Because I am now a full time member of staff, I was allowed to stay in the staff hotel for the night. SCORE! Especially since we had been sleeping on the ground since Thursday.

You better believe I ate all of that.  Nom nom nom.

So, today is Tuesday and it has been a hard day of work.  I was supposed to get up early this morning and go for a run/get my exercise out of the way - but I was glued to the bed and just couldn't bring myself to get out.  My body feels broken, bruised and like it needs a rest.

Tuesday WOD
Run around the hilly park
10 x 10 jumps on the benches

500Kcal burnt during this 36min work out.  
I was going to go for a bit more, but I was so knackered when I got back I had to just lay on the floor and compose myself for a while.  Tomorrow I really hope to get in a good sandbag workout or similar.

This was my lovely lunch today!  A bagel with soft cheese, avocado with cracked pepper and a high protein blueberry yogurt.  So nice to be back in London having decent-ish food again.

Tomorrow I will probably make up a salad for the rest of the week and go to the store to buy some things to nibble on.  Being away for so long means our fridge is empty.

Well, here's to a new routine, new job and a new lifestyle.  Life is pretty darn good right now ;)

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Birthday Weekend

Almost 8pm on Sunday evening and I feel like I need a nap.  I don't know why though, since I just had one and to be honest, this weekend was very relaxing.

Friday night I stayed in, made myself some dinner and had a fairly early night.  I knew that I had planned a bit for Saturday so it was nice to be in bed and passed out by 10pm.  Please forget that it was a Friday night!  I was out on Wednesday (seeing A Day To Remember at Koko, Camden) and Thursday night playing Rounders in the park.  I had an excuse for my tiredness!

Saturday morning I got up around the usual time, did some chores quickly and then went for a run around the park.

Saturday WOD
5-6km run with hills and sprints
10 x 10 bench jumps

I actually felt really good on this run even though my knee had been a bit stiff/sore from Rounders and I did it fasted.  I had planned to do this since I knew that Michelle and I would head off for brunch at our local Wetherspoons at around Midday.

So, to start with Birthday spoiling for Michelle - once we had finished lunch I took her up the street and threw her into the local Central Cuts.  Cheap I know.  Did she need it?  YES!  The poor thing hadn't had a hair cut in a few years so I figured what better way to spoil her with something to tick off the personal admin list?

While that was happening, I quickly popped to Sainsburys to get some nibbles and cakes for the afternoon.  Michelle still had no idea what was happening when her best mates Sarah and Jenny turned up, with two lovely ladies to help us with a home spa afternoon!

It was such bliss. Michelle was treated to a massage, pedicure and facial while the rest of us girls had either a massage or pedicure.  While this was happening we sipped on champagne and orange, while watching Gosdong on TV.  For four girls who are really not girly, man, we blew girly out of the water!

Once that was over, we had little time to relax before getting ready to head out to the local pub for dinner and drinks.  Some of Michelle's mates joined us at the pub and that's where we stayed until around 1:30am.  It was such a great day and I really hope that bestie feels spoilt rotten. She totally deserved it and now doesn't have to worry about another haircut for a while.

Michelle and I at the pub, with a photo bomb by Harry.

Dress:  River Island
Necklace:  Topshop
Chelsea boots (not shown):  Topshop

This morning I woke up at the usual time of 5:30am (I know right?  Bed at 1:30am then awake at 5:30am.  No wonder I am tired!) but managed to stay in bed dozing and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia until around 9am. By that point in time I was bored and went to go and see if Sarah was awake in our lounge room.

Thankfully she was and we chatted and made some breakfast.  Bagel with sweet chili philly on one half and chocolate philly on the other. Strawberries on the side.  NOM!

Anyways, back to work tomorrow for two days and then I start my new job and adventure.  Bring it on!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Race For Life

This weekend just passed, 20 or so of us girls from work, ran the Race for Life in Regent’s Park.

Race for Life is a fundraising event to help find a cure for Cancer. There are races held all over England with either a 5K or 10K distance.  You can run, walk, jog or crawl – completely up to you! It is a really energetic and positive day out.  As you know, Cancer is a disease that has affected my family for a number of years.  I ran the Race for Life in 2011 and also wrote about my experience with finding a lump in my breast.

The Friday before the race, we held a bake sale at work.  Most of the girls baked homemade treats and we managed to raise over £420! Not bad considering we sold cakes at £1 only.  It really was such a great way to raise awareness for the run and also give everyone a little sugar hit on a Friday afternoon.

We conveniently set up shop outside the canteen and I am sure that had a lot to do with it.

Saturday morning we all met at Regent’s Park, supporters in tow.  For me it was so much better than the last time I ran.  It was great to be surrounded by friends and it really took the edge of the incredible urge I had to just break down crying.   Cancer really does suck :/

 Congratulations to all the ladies who participated in the race.  Special shout outs to Sarah, who placed 22nd and Alice who placed 69th out of EVERYONE.  Also, Anita – who was so hung over she had to vomit on her way to the race, but still managed to complete the course without any further incidents.

If you would like to sponsor us, you are still able to on the website below:

All in all we have smashed our fundraising goal of £2,000.  I am super proud to have been a part of the team this year and I really hope that I can do the same next year.