Friday, 7 June 2013

Birthday Rounders in the park

Yesterday it was my best friend Michelle's Birthday!


I have known Michelle since I started working with her in 2010.  We were close during the year I worked with her but really became best mates when I left to start working with Lacoste.  I can't imagine my life without Michelle in it and I am really looking forward to seeing what this new year of being 28 has in stall for her and us.  Thanks for being such a good friend/house mate/surrogate sister - I am so lucky!

So for Birthday celebrations, last night we met up with Michelle's sister Claire and some of her colleagues for a game of Rounders in Hyde Park.  It was such a lovely afternoon in the sun!  All the people we played with were so lovely and welcomed us into their group with open arms.

Thursday WOD
Hours of Rounders

We split into teams and played for a more than a few hours.  I was really worried that I wasn't going to be able to hit or catch the ball, but I managed to hold my own and not make a fool of myself.  I must admit though, it was quite tricky to see once the sun went down and we had more than 3 beers under our belts.

Hyde Park was so busy but we managed to find a nice patch of grass all to ourselves.  Look how great the weather was!

This was The Serpentine in the evening.  Such a beautiful location and to be honest, my crappy iPhone picture here just does not do it justice.

This weekend we are going to continue celebrating Michelle's birthday - I'll be sure to post some "appropriate" pictures on Sunday :)

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