Sunday, 9 June 2013

Birthday Weekend

Almost 8pm on Sunday evening and I feel like I need a nap.  I don't know why though, since I just had one and to be honest, this weekend was very relaxing.

Friday night I stayed in, made myself some dinner and had a fairly early night.  I knew that I had planned a bit for Saturday so it was nice to be in bed and passed out by 10pm.  Please forget that it was a Friday night!  I was out on Wednesday (seeing A Day To Remember at Koko, Camden) and Thursday night playing Rounders in the park.  I had an excuse for my tiredness!

Saturday morning I got up around the usual time, did some chores quickly and then went for a run around the park.

Saturday WOD
5-6km run with hills and sprints
10 x 10 bench jumps

I actually felt really good on this run even though my knee had been a bit stiff/sore from Rounders and I did it fasted.  I had planned to do this since I knew that Michelle and I would head off for brunch at our local Wetherspoons at around Midday.

So, to start with Birthday spoiling for Michelle - once we had finished lunch I took her up the street and threw her into the local Central Cuts.  Cheap I know.  Did she need it?  YES!  The poor thing hadn't had a hair cut in a few years so I figured what better way to spoil her with something to tick off the personal admin list?

While that was happening, I quickly popped to Sainsburys to get some nibbles and cakes for the afternoon.  Michelle still had no idea what was happening when her best mates Sarah and Jenny turned up, with two lovely ladies to help us with a home spa afternoon!

It was such bliss. Michelle was treated to a massage, pedicure and facial while the rest of us girls had either a massage or pedicure.  While this was happening we sipped on champagne and orange, while watching Gosdong on TV.  For four girls who are really not girly, man, we blew girly out of the water!

Once that was over, we had little time to relax before getting ready to head out to the local pub for dinner and drinks.  Some of Michelle's mates joined us at the pub and that's where we stayed until around 1:30am.  It was such a great day and I really hope that bestie feels spoilt rotten. She totally deserved it and now doesn't have to worry about another haircut for a while.

Michelle and I at the pub, with a photo bomb by Harry.

Dress:  River Island
Necklace:  Topshop
Chelsea boots (not shown):  Topshop

This morning I woke up at the usual time of 5:30am (I know right?  Bed at 1:30am then awake at 5:30am.  No wonder I am tired!) but managed to stay in bed dozing and watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia until around 9am. By that point in time I was bored and went to go and see if Sarah was awake in our lounge room.

Thankfully she was and we chatted and made some breakfast.  Bagel with sweet chili philly on one half and chocolate philly on the other. Strawberries on the side.  NOM!

Anyways, back to work tomorrow for two days and then I start my new job and adventure.  Bring it on!

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