Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Zwow #3, a run and puppies!

Monday WOD
Zwow #3 - click HERE for the Zuzka Light website

My time for this workout was 10min and 54 seconds.
Once I had completed this workout I decided to do a little more with the sandbag.  I felt super guilty for having indulged in a milkshake from Cafe Nero earlier (gross, I know) and wanted to somewhat make up for it.

20 x crunches with sandbag
10 x single arm row each side
10 x clean and press, going as low as I could

Repeat 3 times.  During this 24min workout I burnt roughly 216Kcal.  I know that doesn't make up for the milkshake, but hopefully my body doesn't hate me tomorrow.

Tuesday WOD
6km hilly run with burpees and bench jumps.

I burnt roughly 571Kcal during this workout.  I got stuck at my work table and couldn't get out as early as I had hoped, so this mean I went out at lunch time, in the heat.  It's really funny actually. When I run on one side of the road, in the sun, its boiling.  But when I switch to the other, in the shade, it is absolutely freezing!  I wouldn't bother saying something about it because it seems like such an obvious thing, but the difference is amazing!  Was nice to have a cooler route back than normal.  Didn't stop my face from looking like a tomato though. How embarrassing.

Also, an old lady at the park told me off for jumping on the benches.  I understand her concern, and that they are for sitting on, but really?  I am not the only one that uses the park for exercise and the equipment there for things other than what they were designed and installed for. Weird.  Might give the bench jumps a rest for a while and stick to burpees.  Or at least save them for the end where there is no one around.  AWKWARD.

This was my throw together lunch or sorts.  Rice cakes with cream cheese and sun dried tomato tuna.  It was actually quite tasty and filling. Not what I expected at all.  I need to get paid and go and do some food shopping ASAP.

Tuesday night I went to catch up with Robbie, Ryan and the puppies! They are so cute :)  I am really going to miss them when they move.  Massive, Massive sad face.

Look how cute Oscar and Roxy are?! Such little cuties.  Talk about being in puppy heaven.

Roxy is just like a snugly teddy bear.  Look at that face! Nawwwwwww.

Ryan played chef for the night and we had turkey enchiladas with some Mexican quinoa.  That definitely satisfied me and I love Mexican food and everything that goes with it.  Having the light lunch was a good idea.  It meant I could allllll the good things for dinner. So worth it! 

I need to get back into the habit of making enchiladas again for lunches. They are such a good idea and so easy to make in bulk. Hmmmm... putting that on my list of things to do :)

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