Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Err... I just put butter in my coffee!

Since starting at my local CrossFit box - I have been exposed to more and more people who's diet and lifestyle choices are Paleo.  I have been reading up over the last year about this "caveman lifestyle", and all the principles and guidelines behind this diet definitely make sense to me.

No counting calories
High in fat, moderate in animal protein and low to moderate in carbs
Eat good amounts of fresh vegetables
Eat low to moderate amounts of fruit and nuts
Cut out all cereal grains and legumes from your diet
Eliminate sugar, soft drinks, packaged products etc
Eat when you are hungry - do what feels natural
Eliminate most sources of stress in your life, sleep the most you can. Go to bed when it is dark, wake up when it is light

The list goes on, but you get the gist of it.  I will definitely be putting some of these suggestions into practise, slowly, as I still don't eat red meat in London.  

As you all know, I am not necessarily a lover of coffee - but I do love trying new things, especially when I am super motivated (which is right now, my third week of CrossFit).  I stumbled across this recipe for BulletProof Coffee.  One of the girls in my class was talking about how people put butter in their coffee, and it was weird, but you got used to it and then couldn't stop drinking it.

This is the recipe I stumbled across from The Paleo Mumma.

I modified it to suit my liking and ability.  Not being a coffee drinker, immediately means I don't have a French press or anything fancy.  I have instant coffee and a kettle :/

Make your cup of coffee as you usually do.
Let it brew for a little while (this also gives it a chance to cool)
I then poured this cup into my smoothie blender and added the following:
- 1tsp of coconut butter
- 1tsp of unsalted grass fed butter (no substitute will do unfortunately)
-1 sprinkle of cinnamon to taste

Blend until you see the frothy goodness.  Enjoy!

So while we are here, I thought I would share with you my epic brunch from yesterday.  It just looks so pretty doesn't it?

I quite possibly would have taken more photos of it, however I wanted it in my mouth ASAP.
This brunch isn't completely Paleo - as those sausages are tofu.  Still lots of protein and a very healthy meal so I am 100% happy.  And full!

My energy levels felt really good yesterday.  I had my coffee for breakfast, then this brunch at around midday or so, then nothing really until a bit of a snack of hummus/mushrooms later in the evening.

Well, I am off to start work for the day.  Tonight I plan on going to a Thai Kickboxing class - which should be interesting as I haven't trained for quite a few years.  Very, very exciting stuff :)

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