Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Muay Thai - first class back in more than a few years!

Ergh Grumpy Cat, you are so right after this one!

Last night I went to my first Muay Thai kickboxing class in more than a few years. I recently found out that classes are held near where I go to CrossFit, so I was super keen to sign up to a class as quickly as possible.

This was my "I am tough, get in the mood, listen to your lifting playlist" face on the way to the bus stop.

I know that my fitness is still not anywhere where it used to be, so I was petrified that I would faint or even worse, vom during the class!  As some of you might know, it doesn't matter how fast you run, how much HIIT you do or other training - pushing yourself for 3 rounds of 3 mins on pads is hard yakka.  It can make anyone feel light headed and tired or you are not conditioned for it.

The class started off well with some warm up rounds of shadow boxing and various strength exercises. Once that was done, we got put into pairs for some forearm pad work.  This is the part that I was scared about.  Thankfully the girl I was paired up with took the lead and went first while I held the pads.  It felt so good to be be back again! I LOVE holding pads and used to pride myself on being an excellent pad holder for my friends while they were training to fight back home.

It was a great test of my coordination as well.  Overall I think I got the hang of it again very quickly and my partner didn't have any bad feedback at all.  Score!

Now, my turn for the punching and kicking.  Agghhhhh it felt so good!  My footwork really needs a lot of work, and my kicks are not nearly as strong as they could be - but it was an excellent starting point and I am really happy with where I have ended up.  My trainer said to me afterwards that he made the class easy for me, just to get back into it - so I look forward to all kinds of punishment next week.

I was so sweaty afterwards that I had to stop in the street on the way to the tube and take my tank top off.  Someone walked past and was like, WTF is this chick doing?! But I had to.  I was saturated with sweat and it was way better off than on.  I had forgotten what it was like to finish class and make my way home, sweating profusely. 

Since the class was at 7:30pm, this meant that once I left the gym at 8:45pm - I wasn't home until after 9.30pm.  Gross!  I hate being home late after the gym because I was so hyperactive and starving.  I quickly ran through the door and cooked up this dinner - which was almost a copy of brunch the day before.  You know me, once I buy some fresh produce I have to eat it all quickly or it goes off and then it is a waste of my precious money.

I am more than happy to eat the same thing for a few days/nights if it means it is fresh and doesn't go to waste.  You have to be realistic with your eating habits, expectations and budget!

Anyways, I have some pretty epic bruises all over me today - this is a direct result of my body not being conditioned to this type of activity.  I love the bruises though.  I know I busted my arse to get those and it was FUN.  I'll take a picture of the special one on my left thigh, it is going to be a corker for sure.

Ps. I am still drinking my butter coffee in the morning and I love it.  Have any of you tried it out yet?

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