Thursday, 12 September 2013

My first WOD

So here I am back again, trying to get into the habit of blogging.  To be honest, it is a bit hard to be motivated to write about something that you are getting slightly bored of.  Not that running is ever boring while you are doing it, you just probably don't want to see post after post about me running all the time.  Snore.

This is my silly face at a wedding I went to a few weeks ago :)

Anyways, the good news is - I signed up to a CrossFit box! Finally.  I've only been religiously following it and googling it for over a year now so it was only a matter of time before I pulled my finger out and actually went to a box.  I did the same thing with the BodyRock workouts when I first started with those.  Should have seen this coming, shouldn't I?

Anyways, I signed up to have an hour long assessment with one of the trainers before they allowed me to move right into the WOD classes.  That was a relief.  The thought of spending two nights a week for three weeks, going over things I already knew the basics of, made me cringe.  Thankfully I aced the test and last night I completed my first ever WOD class.

The class started with some foam rolling, stretching and a bit of skipping. I have to completely change my skipping technique as I am used to the speed of skipping in a boxing/Muay Thai gym - not the slow jump but fast arms to get double unders right.  Something to practise :)

Turkish Get-Up
3 sets of 4
(Choose heavy Load)
For time:
50 Double Unders
– then –
3 rounds of:
10 Push Jerks, 40/30 kg
10 Toes-to-bars
– then –
50 Row (calories)s
I had been taught the Turkish get-up in my one on one class, so I was familiar with the movements.  I didn't chose that much of a heavy load though as I didn't want to push myself too quickly too soon. I think I only went with about 4kgs kettle bell?  I will make more of a note next time.

The WOD was pretty fun.  Instead of completing double unders I did single leg jumps, 50 on each side.
The push jerks I used the 20kg bar and it felt pretty easy.  Will have to go up a notch next time.
TTB's, well, there is NO chance that was going to happen for me so I completed these on the floor and pulled my toes up to the bar that way.
The 50cal row was a killer at the end.  I have to change my technique for this as well.  Lay off the speed and work on using my legs and really pulling towards my chest when my legs are straight.  Apparently this is more effective and is less 'cardio'.

I completed all the above in roughly 9mins.  Not a bad start, but definitely some things there to work on.  I also strolled casually from one exercise to the next - so at least next time I could knock off around 30sec/1min.  Ha! I can't wait for my next class (Friday) to see what is next.  I am absolutely hooked and I have made it my goal to be top 10 girls in the gym within the next 6months.  

I have goals and I am not afraid to try and smash them :)

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