Sunday, 15 September 2013

My second WOD - snatch practice and ring dips

Wednesday night, after my first WOD - I came home and sorted through all my exercise wear.  I was so motivated and excited about my next class that I almost started planning my outfit.  I can be such a girl sometimes :/

I realised that my "exercise wardrobe" didn't exactly cater for CrossFit and travelling too and from the gym, especially now the seasons are changing.  Woohoo - an excuse to go shopping!  I spent around one hour looking at the Nike web store that night, adding ten things to my cart and dreaming about how one day I might be able to afford everything I want as opposed to having to pick and choose two things.  So, on Thursday afternoon, I went off to the Nike store in town to pick up some new training shoes and some bottoms.

Nike Air Max Fusion training shoes - £70 from here
Nike Epic Run Printed Tights - £50 from here
I cant seem to find the tights above online - but they are training capris.

I felt pretty good when I went off to the 7am class on Friday morning. New shoes, new pants and super motivated.  I know it sounds really silly, but for me, if I am not excited about wearing my exercise clothes, then I am not really super motivated to exercise.  If I have cute things that I want to wear, then I will wear them.  That really is how simple my brain is.

Snatch Practise (Squat, Power & Hang).15 mins
Pick Light-Medium load
*Used the 7kg bar.

I really enjoyed this snatch practise. I know that I have to be a lot faster when it comes to snatching the bar up/getting underneath it.  I felt good though with how low my squat was, once I was there.

21-15-9 reps, for time of:
Ring Dip
Kettlebell High Pull (No deadlift, therefore no knee bend but hip flexion allowed), 24/16kg

Used 12kg Kettlebell
Used blue band for ring dips

Oh my goodness these dips almost killed me.  I used one of the easiest bars and it was still a killer.  My wrists are NOT used to holding myself up on rings and I am NOT used to having to go so low on the dips.  Crazy but SO excited to one day be able to do these unassisted.

Also, I pretty much caught the kettlebells on my chest with every rep so I need to work on my technique with those and I am really looking forward to how the bruise looks when it comes out. Awkward.

As predicted, right after class I was on the biggest high and pretty much stayed that way throughout the day - even though work sucked and I just wanted to throw my laptop out the window.

My arms were super sore when I woke up on Saturday morning so I decided to head into the local shopping centre to pick up some new season clothes, then come back and go for a run.  It was a good run and I am pretty sure I ran faster in some sections than what I usually do - even though I haven't been running for a week.  Hmmmm.  Interesting!

Anyways, hope you guys are having a good weekend. Mine is nice and quiet and normal - a nice change from the usual for me :)

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