Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Rehab, Mini WOD & a Gig

This week has been all about resting my shoulder and working on my legs/glutes - with a small amount of rehab, of course. 

I managed to aggravate a previous injury in my rotator cuff and I have not been able to do anything overhead for a few weeks now.  Instead of pushing through the pain barrier and dealing with the constant soreness, I decided to seek treatment and listen to doctors orders.  I have been icing it twice a day, applying self massage and stretching as much as possible.  

In the meantime, I have been taking the opportunity to work on my leg and glute strength.  Two things that have been very much over looked in my training, the last year or so.  It is easy and fast to see upper body strength develop, so when it comes to lower body, I am generally a bit 'meh' about it.  

Not any more!

Recently I added box squats and kneeling squats to my programming. I have been able to lift heavier weights, focus on my engaging my glutes and not worry about my hip flexors or quads kicking in and covering where my glutes are leaving off.

 For the box squats, I slowly descend till my butt touches the box/bench lightly and then use an explosive movement to bring myself back up to standing. It feels good to have a heavy weight on my back.  Yay for my massive traps! 

This weekend workout with Michelle was a good one.  Prior to doing a mini WOD, I showed Michelle how to do box squats, bench press and deadlifts with proper form so she could start incorporating them into her own programming. 

 She hasn't ever squat before, so we are slowly training her not to track her knees over her toes, sit back on her heals and also to push her knees out.  Because she has just started exercising, even lunges need a bit of work.  She is very vigilant and attentive to her form.  Talk about A+ student (and teachers pet!).

 30 DUs or 60 SUs🔹
20 bench hops🔸
10 V ups or leg raises🔹
20 KB swings🔸
30 jump lunges🚩
complete whole circuit 3⃣times

📍Modifications: bench jumps instead of hops // I completed single arm KB swings because of my #spazzshoulder // back or regular lunges, jump squats depending on fitness level
✔️10mins on the treadmill to finish 💪

 Lunch was our favourite #avocadoontoast and now we are drinking Espresso Martinis before seeing The Color Morale tonight🎶
This was my outfit for the gig.  I love feeling witchy and I cant wait till I can scare my future neighbours kids!  Yes, I will throw you in the cauldron. 
*instert evil laiughter here*

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