Monday, 11 May 2015

Saturday Circuit Training

Michelle and I usually follow different programs and workout styles during the week, but lately we have been trying to get at least one workout together on the weekend.  Saturday, I decided it was time for a slow burner!

We used a medium weight for this circuit style workout.
The point was for it to feel heavy at about the 15th rep.

Buy in:  100 DU or 200 SU skips

20 x Bench press
20 x Upright row
20 x Strict press / Push press
20 x Bicep Curl
20 x Tricep extensions (seated or standing)

Repeat circuit.

Buy out:  100 DU or 200 SU skips

Finisher:  10mins on treadmill (Michelle) or stairmill (me with 10kg weight vest) to finish off

Notes:  Can use BOSU or bench for bench press // We completed 5-10 burpees each time //
Can sub burpees for mountain climbers, high knees, jump squats etc //
Can sub dips for tricep extension


After the gym we went into central London to check out St Paul's Cathedral.  We have never been inside before, and Michelle was lucky enough to have been given a voucher from a friend for the experience.  So, thank you Michelle for taking me with you!  <3

After that, we walked over the Thames to Shakespeare's Globe theater and had lunch at The Swan (another voucher that Michelle had!).  It was so lovely and we really did feel like we were being being treated. 

Exploring London is one of my favorite things to do.  Do you ever get out and about, to enjoy the city you live in or are you guilty of taking it for granted? ;)

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  1. It's really nice to workout with a friend from time to time. The great feeling after sweating it out can really make a difference. Of course, strolling to places will also add quality and enjoyment to the experience. St. Peter's Cathedral is such a beauty!