Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Glute & Hammy Workout

Today I decided to do an intense glute and hamstring workout.

My shoulder is still giving me a bit of grief, so lately my focus has mostly been on building up strength in my lower body.

I have quite a few 'go to' movements that I enjoy on leg days - and here are some of them listed below.

Warm up:  500m row

Stretching: Hamstrings, glutes, quads, hip flexors &
rehab type stretching for my shoulder, rotator cuff and forearm.

Rep/Set Scheme:
10-15 reps per set
4 sets per exercise
drop set or rest-pause on the last set (make sure you go to failure)

Seated leg curl (started off with 2 x 15 reps for warm up at light weight)
Seated leg curl working sets

Lying leg curl
Lunge back with barbells (super set)

Romanian / stiff legged deadlift
BB hip thrust
Thigh abductor machine
(modified to use lat pull down machine and bench as I don't have access to a GHD machine)

Ab circuit of hip raises, scissor kicks and flutter kicks (15 reps, 3 sets, non stop)

We don't have a lying leg curl machine at my gym so I use a DB and bench.  This does the trick! Make sure your movement is slow and controlled. You don't want your hip flexors kicking in and taking the heat off your hamstring!

Straight into the reverse lunge, BB step back (whatever you fancy calling it).  Keep your core tight and try not to lift the DBs with your arms to assist your legs. Go light weight and higher reps if you feel this happening.

Deadlifting at this gym is so irritating. The barbells are not the right size for my hands so I really struggle holding onto a heavier weight. This is 50kgs and I managed to complete 10 reps before I had to re-adjust my grip.  I miss my Rogue Bella bar! :(

Some people like to do their hip thrusts using a bench, but I prefer the bosu.  It feels better on my back and I can also focus on that squeeze at the top of the movement as shown here.  Make sure you drive through your heels and keep your spine neutral. Don't break at the neck!

Other days I like to add squats, kneeling squats, box squats, glute bridges, cable kick backs, split squats etc. but today, this was enough for me!  I used a lighter weight and made sure my legs felt really fatigued at the end of each set.  

Finally, I am starting to see some more definition in my legs! I can't wait till my shoulder feels stronger so then I can get back to Olympic lifting. I miss my power cleans!

What are your go to exercised for leg day?  How often do you mix it up?

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