Friday, 26 June 2015

Lower Body Workout

Happy FriYAY everyone!
Here's to the the last working day of the week (for some of us lucky ones).  

Today I was still feeling super motivated to get into the gym and get work done, even though this is my 5th day straight of exercising.  I think it might be because I am trying to grow my little legs and today was a LEG DAY!

I always write down in my log book, what exercises I am going to do at the gym the following day. This really helps with my mindset and also, I am never wasting time with wondering what to do next.  I also like to record the weight I use and how many reps I have completed, while I am resting between sets.  This stops me from taking too long of a rest period and also, I can measure my progress easily.

For example, a few years ago I had written down 40kg deadlift and a little smiley face next to it.  Obviously stoked with that weight :)
Nawwww... now its 2015 and I can strict press that weight over my head, more than once.  Cheers to me!

Warm Up:  500m row

Stretching:  Quads, calves, ankle mobility, hammies and hip flexors

Rep / Set Scheme:
Today I had a bit of energy to burn so I just did whatever felt right, for 4 sets.

Pre-work set:  2 x 25 reps light on leg extension machine

Leg Extension
One leg at a time, concentrate on slow and controlled movement.  Then once both single legs are done, faster pace with both legs at the same weight.

Barbell Squat
1 x 10 reps back squat
4 x sets of various qty front squats.  Some with pause at the bottom, some tempo and some standard

Walking Lunges
I did a few reps overhead at 25kgs and then switched to 40kg front rack

Single Leg Press + jumping split squat superset
15 reps leg press and 12-20 reps jump squat.

Seated calf raise
Calf press on leg press machine

Row for the day:  2km row in 8min 15sec.

To finish my workout today I completed 150 DUs for fun. It took me less than 3mins to finish and I broke them down roughly into 50 then 30's etc.  I am trying to work on relaxing my form and making these as comfortable as possible.

Now, 30+ DUs unbroken is a pretty simple task.  50 is my new goal!

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