Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Tuesday Early Gym Start, WOD and Rowing

How is it a new week already?  Michelle and I had such a lovely weekend, filled with summer time activities and the London Color Obstacle Run. I really didn't want it to be over.

London summer is always the hardest time to be at work.  This city really is worth waiting through the winter for. 

I was lucky enough to have an appointment with Sarra at Synergy Studio on Friday night - and she was more than helpful with my current left shoulder problems.  I had a full assessment and a was given a page of mobility / stretching to do as homework for every day this week.
Already, my arm is starting to feel slightly better!  
This week I have been sworn to not overuse use my shoulder, and focus on mobility.  That means, you guessed it, yet another day of legs and MetCons.

Warm Up:  500m row

Stretching:  Not too much today, to be honest (oops, don't hate me).  However I made sure I did some air squats and quad stretches prior to starting weight exercises.
Also, before the lunging and squatting I made sure I opened my hips and stretched my calves as these are the two areas that tend to hold me back.

Rep / Set Scheme:
Today I aimed for 4 sets of about 10-16 reps

Pre-work set:  Roughly 4 mins warming up on the leg extension machine
(singles, doubles, bounces, eccentric etc. at a light weight)

Leg extensions
One leg at a time at normal pace.  Once both legs completed, do 10 reps together.
Also, make sure you start with your right leg for the first set, left leg for the second set etc so both legs work the same amount.

Barbell Squat
I just played around with the weight here.
Front and back squats, pausing at the bottom. Squatting felt awkward so I didn't pursue it!

Front Rack Walking Lunges
4 sets of 16 reps - man, these were a slow burner!

Upright Leg Press
Use the assisted dip machine for this exercise

Broad Jump
4 x 10 reps

Thigh abducter
For this exercise I make sure I add a bounce so its like a full rep, then a partial rep
and squeeze to get that booty burn.

Seated calf raise and calf press on leg press machine

15, 12, 9 reps
Power cleans, hip raises on floor (instead of TTB), burpees
50 x DUs at the end of each round

Row for the day:  1,000m in 3.53min (bestie did hers in 4.35min!)

That is actually a PB for me across that distance.  It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!  Next stop, pistols, chest to bar pull ups, muscle ups, box jumps..... the never ending list...

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