Friday, 3 July 2015

End of the Week Workouts & No Motivation

We are finally at the end of the week and my motivation on Thursday went right out the window.  Ha!  I was super tired so I ended up staying in bed and relaxing for a few extra hours.  Bliss!
But I woke up feeling super guilty today (Friday) and of course, had to make up for it in the gym. 

Wednesday's Workout
It gets so boring, not being able to use my arms this week.  Hopefully I have been putting in the right amount of time and effort to help with its speedy recovery and I should be on the mend next week. 

Warm Up:  5mins on cross trainer

Stretching:  Glutes, quads, calves, shoulder, bicep

Set / Rep Scheme:  Whatever I wanted and felt like today!
Wasn't aiming for anything, just to get through the workout.

Kneeling squats with 40kgs
Slow and controlled, really focusing on that bum squeeze

 Stiff legged deadlift

BB Hip thrust with 40kgs

DB kick backs

Superman & hollow hold

Split jump squats

Squat jumps with step

Hip / leg raise on parallel bars
I usually do this with a light DB between my feet, but not today. Lol! 

No rowing today.  I had to skip home quickly to catch my man on the phone before he went to bed :)

Friday's workout
Having eaten a packet of chocolate biscuits for dinner last night and not working out the day before, one could say I was incredible motivated to get to the gym this morning. I knew my body had those extra calories to burn and I did actually wake up with a load of energy. 

Today, I decided, was the day I would row 5km.  GROSS!  But since I said I was going to do it, I kinda had to.
No turning back.
Get over that mental block and just get it done. 

Warm up:  500m row

Stretches:  Hammies, quads, calves

Seated leg curl
25kgs x 14/14/14/20/10

Thigh abducter (1 full rep and bounce)
45kgs x 12/12/13/12/9

Kick back on the leg extension machine
13.5kgs x 10/10/10

Calf press
86kgs x 20/25/25/18 + 59kgs x 20

Calf press on leg press machine
73kgs x 4 sets of 30 reps

Then.... the row.  Urgh!

Row for the day:  5kms in 21.06mins on damper setting 6

I was so pleased with myself for holding a fairly regular pace throughout.  I am really bad and rowing and I am determined to force myself to get better at it.  My man said that he thought I would do it in about 30mins.  HA!  I showed him ;)
Here are my splits, in case you were wondering.  Not the best, but not the worst :) 

When I got home, I washed my hair and was so hungry.
I decided to have lunch for breakfast.  Quite possibly the best decision I have made all week :) 

Actually I take that back.  I am writing this with a cider in hand...

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