Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Light Overhead Day & a 500m Row PB!

London is stunning in the Summer.  I am in love with the sky and all her comforting, beautiful colors.

This morning I woke up and was determined to do some shoulder work. Even though my shoulders are fairly naturally defined, and my traps are apparently still looking good - I really needed to move some weight overhead.  It has been months and my shoulder seems to have stayed the same regardless of what I have been doing - so why not.  Grrr.

Warm up:  5mins of skipping
3 sets of 5 hand release push ups & 10 second handstand hold
(first set full push ups then last two on knees)

3 x 3 push press
Worked my way from 15kgs up to working sets of 30kgs

2 x 2 push jerk
Stayed at 30kgs for working sets

5 x 1 split jerk
Used 30kgs - which killed me, but I was trying to be sensible with my shoulder and
ease myself back into using it slowly and lightly.  SIGH. 

2 x 10 back squat
Used 45kgs.  Need to focus more on explosive power on the way up.
I felt so sluggish today with these.

3 x 3 OHS
Used 30kgs with a behind the neck push jerk to get the weight up.  Feels so easy with OHS grip and the squats felt goooood.
Was nice to be in that bottom position and I hung out there for a few seconds before standing back up. 

2 x 5 Deadlifts @ 45kgs to warm up for the wod

WOD:  Modified "Diane" ish
8 x deadlifts at 70kgs
10 second hand stand hold
21, 15 and 9 ring rows. Not RX but focused on an explosive pull to my chest and then lowering myself all the way back to full extension, before explosively pulling again.

Lunges:  110
*I have been doing these as often as possible in preparation for the great 400m lunge with Lucy, hopefully soon! 

Rowing:  500m row in 1min 50 seconds (4 SECOND PB!)

Right, now to get some food in and then do some yoga and mobilising over lunch.

2 x scrambled eggs, 2 x small egg waffles, some leafy greens and 1/2 an avocado.
 23g of carbs, 34g of fat, 16g of protein.

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