Monday, 4 January 2016

Sunday Exploring, a Great Start to 2016

Welcome to 2016

This last year has been one of the best years of my life.  I achieved so many personal goals that I'd set, even as a youngster - so I really do feel like I have achieved something.

2016 is starting with a bang, as I am moving to Los Angeles in February!!  This next month will be spent enjoying as much of London as I can, with my favorite people. 

On Sunday, Michelle and I took a bus over to Walthamstow to check out a quirky place called God's Own Junkyard.  It is filled with old neon signs and even has an onsite cafe so you can have a bite to eat or a cold beer.  We obviously chose the cold beer, even though it was bucketing down with rain and we were saturated.

Once we had seen enough, we headed to the Cat Emporium in Shoreditch on the off chance they had space for walk in customers.  Lol I don't even like cats but Bestie does and I love to tease her about it and the fact that dogs are better than cats.  We enjoyed bagels for late lunch and of course, most of the cats were sleeping.  Jerks!

I couldn't resist getting a selfie with one of the only cats walking around.  Even though I think it hated me ;)

Monday was the first day back at work for 2016 so I figured I would try and make it as pain free as possible, with an early mornig leg day. 

Warm up:  1,000m row

All the below 'machine exercises' were done with a medium to light weight, to failure for 4 sets
Leg extensions
Seated leg curl
Calf press
Thigh abducter

Then I completed a series of squat specific warm up exercises and stretches.  My lower back was a bit sore (must have slept funny) so I needed to make sure I wasn't doing more damage than good. 

Back squats
Front rack lunges
Overhead plate lunges
Squat cleans

This week is going to be somewhat of a deload / light week for me. My body is a bit sore from going fairly heavy and hard the last few weeks, so I am going to listen to it and take the rest it so clearly is telling me is needs.

I love and hate being 30++ 

Oh and Ps this was stuck in our heads, the whole way over to Walthamstow.  I hope the same thing happens to you ;) 

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