Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The NOT so fun stuff

This morning, I woke up excited to discover that my lower back pain seemed to have gone away.  I spent about an hour last night, stretching, rolling, balling my legs / glutes / everything - and what do you know, it worked, obviously (<-- sarcasm).
Over the holiday period I had definitely been putting in the time and hard work with training, but neglected to mobilize and help with recovery as much as I usually try too.

Lesson learnt.  I have to take care of this 30++ body.

So, even with my lower back pain subsiding, the rest of my body feels a little beaten up.  I had written out my plan yesterday and decided to just crack on and do what felt good.
As soon as it stopped feeling good, stop.

With Monday usually being a heavy leg day (of sorts), Tuesday I focus on my core and upper body strength.

Warm up:
Skipping practice & rotator cuff exercises
Hollow hold with PVC + Arch hold with PVC
Hollow rocks with PVC + Arch rocks with PVC
Lat activation on bar + Static open & close on bar

 Strict chin ups + beat swings (sort of like kipping but less bend at the hips)
Wall climb + shoulder taps
HSPU strict practice
HSPU kipping practice
Ring rows + push ups
Dips + free handstand practice (both of these SUCK for me)

Then today I finished off with some mod dragon flys, hollow cast pulls and hollow rocks / v ups.
I would usually do a WOD, but, not today.

Body weight exercises are so frustrating for me.  I feel the burn and I feel exhausted to the point of muscle failure, but I am not out of breath or sweating profusely.  I often feel pretty dejected and like I haven't 'worked' when I leave the gym - but, after sticking with it, I can definitely see and feel improvements.
I guess, this isn't really the FUN stuff that most Crossfitters / athletes like to do.  It is way more fun learning to do butterfly pull ups or kipping HSPU or throwing a barbell around - but, I need this in my program.  I KNOW it is doing my body good.

The WOD over at crossfit looks pretty decent tonight so I might go over for the 6.30pm class and have a play around.  I know tomorrow is a long cardio grind day (no weights, just building an engine) so I feel fine knowing I can spend a bit more energy today. 

Here I am with the girls on NYE.  How lucky am I to have such babes as friends :)

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